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A weight loss goal setting worksheet, in simple terms means, a piece of paper outlining the goals, requirements, activities and records of losing weight during a specific time limit. Therefore, before you start your mission to lose weight, it is important that you prepare this worksheet. The worksheet acts as a motivator, reminder and checklist of what you will be doing so as to lose weight.

It is very important to prepare this worksheet, and if possible, pin or post it everywhere in your office or house so that it keeps your mind on alert always. There are various ways in which you can prepare your worksheet. However, you can decide to come up with your own layout and customize it to meet your demands. If you are unable, then you can get various samples of such worksheets on the internet and edit them to fit your needs.

The Components of Weight Loss Goal Setting Worksheet

Despite the method you implement to prepare your weight loss goal setting worksheet, there are components of these worksheets which must be outlined. Some of these are as follows:

  • Starting date: this is the date when you started your weight loss plan.
  • Weight loss goals: this comprises of both the ultimate and sub-goals. These are the reasons as to why you want to lose weight and the anticipated calories you want to lose within a certain time frame.
  • Starting weight: you should measure your current weight at the time you start your weight loss plan
  • Weight loss period: you also have to set your target time by which you should have lost the weight, based on your goals
  • How to lose weight: this outlines the methods you are going to incorporate in the whole process of weight loss. Mainly, it states the foods diet you will be adopting, the foods and drinks to avoid, the lifestyle to live, the workout exercises to perform, how to reduce cravings for sugary items, etc.  The two outstanding components of real weight loss are diet plan and exercise.
  • Your worksheet should state the food components you will be taking into your body and their respective quantities. The diet needs to be well balanced with proteins, fats, vitamins, carbohydrates, water, minerals, amino acids, etc. You should regulate the amount of foods taken in the body, which might hinder weight loss.
  • The exercises to be practiced need to be stated clearly, the frequency and time of practice. This will make your work easier and reduce chances of forgetting the consistency of exercising
  • Weight loss progress: this is where you record the activities undertaken and food intake within a certain period of time; like one week. The amount of calories lost, the amount of calories absorbed and what you have to lose the following week. Here, you will have to do some calculations to obtain the real figures.
  • Motivators: this comprises of items or activities that will motivate you towards your goal attainment. One way is to have a weight loss partner whom you work out together with.

In conclusion, all the items listed on your weight loss goal setting worksheet should be realistic, specific, attainable, measurable and time-bound.

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