The Secret to Melt Fat Away

Weight Loss

Do you want to lose weight without even hindering yourself from eating the foods you like?

There are several programs available that will do just that, but only a few promise customers maximum benefits without requiring them to quit their current diet. The reason for the rise in popularity of these programs is the fact that there are a growing number of people who are now considered obese. In fact, 30% of Americans are obese. This should be the cause of much concern. Considering the fact that obesity makes one more susceptible to many lifestyle diseases, such as diabetes and heart disease, there is a call to start living healthy now.

Fat Loss Factor by Dr. Charles

The Fat Loss Factor by Dr. Charles is one of many programs available in the market urging you to get rid of excess weight. The difference of this program, among others, is that you will actually never have to do a drastic change in your routine to be able to fully succeed in losing weight. This is probably the best answer for many obese clients seeking to find the perfect solution to this very raging dilemma – a program that works to save millions of people from the startling effects of obesity.

To be able to fully understand the program, you have to learn the basics first. Actually, although you may discover what it leading to your weight gain, your body also speaks to the fact of what is causing you to lose weight at a slow pace compared to other people who are following the same program.

Women compared to Men 

First off, women tend to gain more weight than men. This is partly due to genetics. During times past, women were supposed to maintain a weight that is now considered to be heavy in order to be fit for child bearing. Child bearing is also one of the reasons for such increase in weight. If you see the bigger picture, women tend to maintain such weight in order to withstand the daily tasks. Men on the other hand are more into being lean to be able to fit with the task of hunting. Fat cells also explain significantly why women are more prone to obesity than men. Women have bigger fat cells than men. Furthermore, the estrogen store of women that is utterly inevitable multiplies through the monthly hormonal changes and that explains another weight gain story. Women are also prone to crash dieting, which is another problem that they see as a solution, but one that actually initiates unhealthy cravings. These are some of the reasons why weight gain may seem difficult to handle for some people.

A program like the Fat Loss Factor is such a relief to address the epic problem of obesity. It actually leads a person to live a longer, healthier life that is far more precious than the money you will be spending on the program.

What does this program include? It consists of a series of books and videos that you can purchase together as a package. Below is a list of everything that you will receive when you avail yourself of this life changing package.

  • Fat Loss Factor book which explains the basics including the functions of the liver and its actions to promote weight loss.
  • An Access to Software suite which give you an idea of the 5,000 foods you can actually still eat while you are on the program.
  • A grocery list to serve as a guide and show you the best foods to purchase in order to achieve weight reduction effectively.
  • A beginner, intermediate and advanced exercise program to guide you through the appropriate exercises routines. You will be amazed that these routines only require 15 minutes to finish while still helping you achieve the best results.
  • 5 Sample 15 minute work oust that you can just follow for jumpstart.
  • Fat Loss Factor measuring form to monitor the progress of your exercise.
  • Goal setting guide to give you the proper motivation to be able to continue with the routine.
  • Food diary and exercise log
  • 1 full year of personal email coaching connecting you to Dr. Charles should there be any queries that need to be addressed.
  • Free lifetime updates to get the latest news on the newest trends to help you lose weight effectively.

The best way to start off with the weight reduction process is to know the facts behind the occurrence of problems linked with weight reduction. This particular program helps you deal with the facts which will enlighten you to the most effective ways to lose weight. Routines included in the program are easy to follow and require only a modicum of time to complete.

The program predominantly includes the books to read help you get the best results. These books contain a step by step guide to achieving success in weight reduction based on science that is well-studied for years by Dr. Charles. Since these guides are easy to follow, you are sure to get the best results.

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