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Weight Loss

Have you ever found yourself turning down a well-deserved beach trip just because you know you look fat? Have you ever wished you can lose the weight faster? How about seeing positive results in a matter of days? Have you dismissed a diet program because you can’t live without cake?

The impossible is not only made possible, but more affordable with the Fat Loss Factor program. Developed by Dr. Charles Livingston, a certified diet and nutrition expert, board certified Chiropractic physician and weight loss consultant, the Fat Loss Factor program is essentially a 12-week weight loss plan that shows results in just a few days. Unlike typical diet and work-out programs, it is realistic enough to acknowledge that you cannot just say goodbye to your favorite sinful treat. In fact, it even encourages you to give in.

In the days of counting calories and spending thousands of dollars and hours at the gym, the Fat Loss Factor educates and essentially arms you with practical knowledge on how to effectively lose weight and keep it off.  It’s refreshingly honest and treats you like an intelligent person that the weight loss strategy is presented in a way that is not condescending nor patronizing. Best of all, Fat Loss Factor doesn’t promise miracles with a certain exercise move or a pill.

There are many cases like Lori who followed the Fat Loss Factor program and went from 210 pounds to 120 pounds without harmful fat burners and this program helped her quickly:

  • lose 2 inches from belly
  • lose 8 lbs in record time
  • lose 2 inches from each thigh
  • lose 3/4 of an inch from each arm
  • and drop 3 dress sizes

This program helps you lose weight with education, detoxification and quick workouts.


Most people blame excess weight to genetics and what goes into their stomach.  While your stomach and genetics are not blameless, your liver actually plays a huge role in the weight loss program. The liver plays a myriad of roles, one of which is processing fat and distributes the fat all over the body.  Liver dysfunction can give you pot belly and cellulites all over your body. The first two weeks, the program will walk you through cleaning your system beginning with your liver. The stage is meant to cleanse your body with organic foods. You get step by step instructions on what food you can eat like organic beans, fruits, vegetables and raw nuts and seeds. You are also discouraged into taking any oil except for olive and coconut oil. The good thing is that if you follow the steps, you eventually get to the next stage wherein you can give in to your favorite treat.  In addition, an efficient liver will boost your metabolism effectively causes you to continually lose weight, even as you sleep!

15-minute work-out

Another wonderful thing about the Fat Loss Factor program is that it doesn’t require you to spend your every waking hour at the gym. You don’t have to torture yourself until you lose weight. The program doesn’t require you to punish yourself to achieve your ideal weight and completely change your body. Fat Loss Factor provides your 15-minute exercise regimen that you need to do just three times a week! The work outs are even categorized so that you can choose the level of difficulty so that you don’t get frustrated by being stuck with an extremely difficult work-out. Supported by a detoxified liver, losing weight doesn’t require you to be best friends with the treadmill.

So how much does this program costs? Most weight-loss programs are ridiculously expensive, with fees running to the tune of thousands. Thousands of dollars can even go higher if the program requires you to buy weight-loss pills, special equipment or food delivery. Not Fat Loss Factor. The Fat Loss Factor program does not require you take pills because it can damage your liver. It doesn’t require you to buy specific exercise equipment or adhere to a specific menu.  In fact it doesn’t even offer you heavy books to lug around.

The Fat Loss Factor program is a downloadable program which you can conveniently save in your computer. The program includes the following:

-          Fat Loss Factor eBook

-          Body and Liver detoxifying process videos

-          Goal setting guide

-          Measurement forms (to track your weight-loss progress in inches and pounds)

-          5 sample 15-minute workouts routines

-          Workout plans (Beginner/intermediate/Advanced)

-          Food diary & exercise Logs

-          FooJoo software – a database that contains 70 fast food restaurants and the food you can eat

           from them

-          Pre-created grocery shopping list

-          Healthy recipe eBook – contains 60 meals and shakes

-          One year complimentary personal email coaching

-          Lifetime upgrades (any future updates on the weight-loss course will be accessible to you for free!)

-          Bonus videos:

  •                - What not to wear
  •                - Fat Loss Factor course in 10 minutes
  •                - Grocery shopping tips

So why bother with expensive gym memberships, exercise equipment, or ridiculously restrictive food deliveries, when you can finally take control of your own health and body with the Fat Loss Factor program. Unlike most weight loss programs, the Fat Loss Factor not only guarantees weight loss in weeks, but also assures you that you do not regain the excess weight- ever.

If the above information about the Fat Loss Factor system is still not enough; read the positive testimonials it got from happy individuals who were smart enough to try it.You can see cases like Lori who lost 2 inches from her belly and lose 8 lbs in record time.

The fact is that if you continue doing the same, you will continue getting the same results. It is up to you to start the change that you deserve. Click the Learn More button to see more cases like Lori’s and find out how you can get started today and achieve similar results.

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