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Why Is Losing Weight Harder For Some

Have you ever lost a lot of weight? Basked in the compliments and the admiration of your friends only to find that you ended up putting it all back on, and them some? How about if you and your leaner friend workout at the same amount and pace for two weeks, she loses 10 pounds while you lose only two. Dealing with weight loss can be maddening at best. Don’t worry, there is a solution. Here are a few reasons why losing weight can be more challenging for some and how you can put it in your favor.


Fat cells

As discouraging as it may seem, people have the same amount of fat cells throughout their lives and they can replenish the cells at the same rate. The difference between being overweight or not may merely be genetic. From the very beginning, fat people just have more fat cells than thin people thus fat children have greater chances of becoming obese as an adult than a thin child has. This is not only difficult to manage, it can be heart breaking. A solution to this problem may be just a click away.

With an established amount of fat cells, people who go on diets may successfully lose weight but are more likely to gain the same amount or even more, if they stop dieting. This type of “Yo-yo” dieting is so discouraging that most people just give up. You don’t have to give up. Seek the answers.

Our system is efficient in replacing cells that we lost and that includes fat cells. People think that when fat cells die, they get lost permanently. That is not the case as it has been discovered that the human body produces roughly the same amount of fat cells that dies so at any given moment, you have the same amount of fat cells in your body as you did when you were a child. If hearing things like “Pleasantly plump” “A little chunky” hurt your feelings and make you sad. Know that it is not necessarily your fault. You need not give up your dream of fitting into your skinny jeans. Your way to a leaner body may be within reach.


It’s in the genes

A team of scientists from Karlolinksa Institute, Stockholm, Sweden and Imperial College London, England have shared details of their discovery on how people regulate fat mass and its effect to the gene sequence of obesity. In the past, it was generally accepted that fat can only be attributed to way of life and diet. However, recent discoveries have proven what most people have been suspecting.  Obesity and illnesses connected to obesity have been scientifically proven to be genetic. It means that you can actually predict how overweight you can be just by looking at your parents and their families. Those reed thin models really do have genetics to thank! If you lack the genetics to look your best you should read on.



Another thing that affects how people lose weight and keep them off is behavior. When you’re working out in a gym, observe the people working out around you. These people have as much going on in their lives as you but they make it a point to workout. Why? Whether it be health or vanity, the motivation is useless if they cannot sustain the discipline it takes to keep on going. Some people will say they’re just not physically cut out for it, but in reality, what people don’t have is the correct psychology. What most people don’t realize is that, unlike cells and genetics, behavior and the mind are things we can personally control. There is more to know about how to achieve success in your battle against obesity. You are encouraged to read on to learn how to put this in your favor.


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