How To Build Muscles Without Going To The Gym

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Many people believe that it is only through working out in the gym that can lead to muscle building. It is true that visiting the gym regularly can increase your muscle mass but you can still do this right from your home. The major requirement is a bit of discipline and consistence. Basically, there are many tips of which if well followed, you will gain more muscles even than those going to the gym. I am going to discuss some of these tips here.

Tips on how to build muscles without going to the gym

  • Physical exercises: for you to build muscle mass, your body should be subjected to body exercises that will stretch all body muscles considerably. This even better because most of these body exercises are simple to undertake, easy to manage and can be done at any place and time. Remember that some people lack time and money to go to the gym thus limiting them to build muscles but body exercises give you the same opportunity as gym goers to build mass. The following are some of the common body exercises recommended for this purpose:
  • Push-ups: these are the most effective exercises for developing chest and arm muscles. In these exercises, your own muscles will be lifting you up and back to the ground hence your body weight acts as the weight being lifted. You can take different positions to undertake this. But if you place your hands closer, biceps and triceps muscles will be worked ore. And if you place your hands apart, the chest muscles will be worked more. Push-ups are compared with bench presses at the gym
  • Pull-ups: these are exercises for arm, neck and back muscles. The only thing you need is a horizontal and straight bar. Spread your hands more than your shoulders, face your thumbs outside and pull yourself steadily until you reach the pole level. Breathing pattern is very crucial and therefore, inhale when pulling yourself up and exhale on your way down.
  • Squats: these are the perfect exercises for the back, thighs, legs and the core. What you have to do it to stand up straight, spread your legs to shoulder width and then bent slowly until your knees are bent at 90 degrees while keeping your back straight. Hold there for 3 seconds and return to the standing position. Squats should be done repeatedly until muscle failure.    
  • Crunches: they exercise the abdominal muscles and if correctly done, they will give you a ripping six pack. These exercises are painful at the start but the expected results out of them should keep you doing them. Just lay down on your back and bent your knees at 45 degrees with the feet on the floor and the hands by your sides. Lift your upper body off the floor towards the knees until the point where your muscles contract. Hold there for like 3 seconds and go back to the starting position. Repeat this as many times as you can.  
  • Dumbbells: if you can get dumbbells, then you will be as good as going to the gym. The dumbbells will substitute all lifting exercises done at the gym. Besides, they require very little space at your home.

Therefore, do not let your busy schedule or lack of money prevent you from building muscle mass. You can still achieve this incredibly right from your home.

Final Thoughts on Build Muscles without Going to Gym

If you are among those people who cannot remove their shirts before others because of weak and unfit bodies, then you don’t have to worry any more. But you need to understand that building muscles has never been easy. You can try out several methods but still see no positive results. If you are a man, know that no woman will love you if you lack well-built muscles. Women always feel insecure whenever they are with men who have weak muscles. However, this does not mean that you should now sign up at your local gym and start practicing strenuous exercises in search of muscles. The best way to go about this is to initiate Muscle Maximizer. This product/program works like a miracle. Those who have gone through the website Muscle Maximizer have always appreciated the content about this program. The program requires no gym, brings changes within the shortest time and it is very easy to implement. Therefore, you can eliminate your previous fears and build muscles without necessarily going to the gym but by application of Muscle Maximizer technique. This is a natural, cost effective, easiest and most comfortable way of building muscles and many people have confessed its efficiency.

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