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A printable exercise log is more of a workout chart that keeps track of all your endeavors and progress in your workouts. Basically, it is possible to remember the exercises you undertake every day and what you have to do for you to meet your training objectives. As a result, a printable exercise log comes in handy because it will show your training goals, what you have achieved, your next exercises and what you are supposed to do for you to meet the unmet goals.

Getting a printable exercise log should never be a problem. You can download printable exercise log in pdf formats and print them then pin them on your walls or be walking with then to the gym. The log normally has columns and rows where you can record the exercises undertaken, your weight, food intake, calorie burnt, hours of sleep, heart rate, etc. Other additional information can also be easily obtained online. Therefore, you will not stress yourself making your own printable exercise log; instead you can edit already made one to suit your specific needs. The printable exercise logs are of different types; those for beginners, intermediate or advanced.

Reasons for keeping printable exercise log

Keeping a printable exercise log definitely has benefits. The following are the major reasons for keeping the printable exercise log:

  • It acts as a motivator: noting the changes you have undergone and your progress can motivate you and keep you focused.
  • It helps in planning your workouts. You will be able to approximate the time you take to undertake your exercises, the average amount of calories you lose daily, the calories you are supposed to lose and the exercises you need to initiate in your workouts.
  • It eliminates the changes of you skipping some exercises since they will be well arranged and the order in which you have to follow them.
  • It will help you monitor your fitness goals and what you have achieved
  • It will help you track daily and weekly workouts more easily

Therefore, what you have to do is to state your workout exercising goals, the time you want to achieve these results, calculate the average daily calories you want to lose or gain, the exercises you will be performing, your diet, etc. then you can make the spreadsheet to accommodate all these items. Once you have this in place, it will be easier for you to move on now with your workouts.

Basically, having a printable exercise log shows seriousness in achieving your exercising goals as it will be reminding you on what to do next on your way to exercising destiny. This works as an important tool and it will keep on motivating and reminding you on what to do. Therefore, if you have been exercising without keeping a track of your workouts, it is time to take it differently during 2012. A printable exercise log is a spreadsheet that can transform your workouts into interesting and more interactive experience. You will be motivated by the way things will be flowing easily. So, make 2012 your fitness by getting a printable exercise log and things will never be the same again.

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