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Dumbbells are the best equipment for use in building triceps muscles. These dumbbells are of all shapes and sizes and can be used at any place. In fact today, many people are opting to own their gyms at home rather than signing up with the local gyms for triceps exercises plus other body exercises. When you visit all home-owned gyms, you will never miss dumbbells. Anybody who thinks of having a home gym must think of dumbbells as the first training equipment to buy.

There are different types of dumbbells including fixed-weight dumbbells and adjustable dumbbells. The adjustable dumbbells are better for those who are planning to own gyms at their homes because you can easily adjust the weight to the level of your choice.

Triceps are very important because they are the ones responsible for lifting items. If you push anything, the triceps are the ones responsible hence for easy working, these muscles need to be build and strengthened. Consistent exercising of triceps can be strenuous and painful especially for the beginners so you can begin with practicing once or twice a week. Remember that tricep exercises will also be involved when doing other body exercises hence it is mandatory for you to ensure that their muscles are strong and well-built or else your general body exercising will be paralyzed.

Of course there are different types of triceps exercises. Some of these exercises include:

Types of Triceps Exercises

  • One-Arm Triceps Extension: stand up straight holding one dumbbell with in one hand behind your head with the elbow being at 90 degrees. Raise the hand with the dumbbell steadily until it is fully stretched. Hold it there for 3 seconds and lower it to its original position. Repeat this for 10 times.
  • Two-Arm Triceps Extension: stand up straight and hold one dumbbell with both hands, behind your head. Raise the dumbbell up bending your elbows.
  • Seated Triceps Extension: sit down on a bench and hold one dumbbell with both hands, behind your head with elbows bent at 90 degrees. Raise the dumbbell until the hands are almost fully stretched.
  • Bend Over One Arm Triceps Extension: sit on a bench, bend forward holding one dumbbell in one hand, with the elbow at 90 degrees. Raise the dumbbell until the hand is parallel to the ground and then lower it back. Repeat this for a number of times and change to the dumbbell to the other hand.
  • Triceps Bench Press: lie on your back on a bench and hold dumbbells in both hands placed just above your chest. Push the dumbbells up until the elbows are fully stretched then lower them back. Exhale when pushing the dumbbells up and inhale when lowering them.

Other triceps exercises include Lying Triceps Extension, Triceps Kickback, etc. In most cases, these exercises are almost the same, what varies is the sitting, lying, standing position or posture in general.

There are different types of dumbbells and the choice of which one to use will depend on affordability, space, ease of use, design, weight range, versatility, attachments, warranty, safety and grips. Therefore, choose the dumbbells of your choice and develop triceps muscles.

In Summary

Building triceps muscles have never been an easy task and therefore if you are not keen, your dream of developing these muscles can always remain a dream. Of course there are several challenges involved like the safety, effectiveness, cost, etc. Despite the challenges involved in performing triceps exercises in an attempt to build triceps muscles, adjustable dumbbells offer the best solution for this. These dumbbells occupy very little space, they are safe to practice with, they require no other equipment and they are cheap in the long run. Best Adjustable Dumbbells Reviews site gives useful information on different types of adjustable dumbbells based on weight range, easy of adjusting weight levels, grips, size, construction materials, durability, cost, etc. In addition, the site contains reviews of the best rated dumbbells, related products and their price comparisons.    

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