Best Exercises to Flatten your Stomach


Getting a flat stomach can be tricky sometimes, but with proper planning of what you eat and how you exercise, your goal of attaining a flat stomach can be quite easy. Basically, two key things will contribute to a flattened stomach: your diet plan and workout exercises. Exercises are very important because they will assist in toning the abdominal muscles thus burning out the excess fats, and in the process, flatten the stomach.

There are different types of exercises that can facilitate stomach flattening. These exercises do not necessarily have to be strenuous, but instead, how you carry them out and the consistency will matter most.

The following are some of the categories of exercises that are guaranteed to flatten your stomach with a few weeks of implementing in your lifestyle:

Flatten your Stomach in a few Weeks

  • Aerobic exercises: there are simple exercises that are mostly joyful to perform and you can make them habitual. The exercises promote cardiovascular functioning, hence burning any excess calorie that might accumulate in your stomach. These exercises include biking, swimming, jogging, walking, running, etc. When done consistently, these exercises are enough to burn all the calories that might accumulate in your belly.
  • Leg lifting: these exercises have been proven to be very efficient in flattening abdomens. The exercises are very simple to carry out and require the least equipment. Just lie down on your back, put your legs together with your hands beneath your bottom. Slowly lift up both your legs until they are straight in the air, then lower them back slowly onto the floor. Repeat this 8-10 times.  
  • Cardio exercises: these are the exercises that will burn most fats with the least energy being used. These exercises are very easy to perform because you are the one to choose what to practice. Mainly, they comprise of the game-like activities you like doing. If you like mountain climbing, then should do so. Generally, any exercise that is likely to increase the rate of your heartbeat will burn excess calories present in your stomach.
  • Weight lifting: this has been made even easier by the provision of adjustable dumbbells. Adjustable dumbbells can enable you lift different weights very easily, thus toning your stomach muscles in the easiest way possible. This is even better, due to the fact that you can be practicing at home, at your own time of convenience. Weight lifting is likely to expose all your pelvic muscles to stretching, eliminating any fat that would pile up in your stomach. 

For any exercise aimed at flattening the stomach, consistency is very important. This then means that you have to make these exercises a routine and expose the stomach muscles to stretching gradually. Thus together with a proper diet plan, the exercises will flatten your stomach incredibly within the first two weeks.  

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