How to Remove Skin Tags

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Skin tags are minute growths on the skin that can be caused by sun exposure or genetics. They are unsightly spot marks on the skin and the remedies for removing them are varied and wide.

However, consulting your dermatologist is of essence so as to establish the cause as well as the condition of the skin tags, since some skin tags are cancerous. Some of the safe skin tag elimination methods are explained here.

Methods of Safe Skin Tag Elimination

  • Cutting skin tag off using a pair of scissors or nail clippers: Ensure that the items used are sterilized to avoid serious infection. This method is mostly applicable if you need to remove the skin tag fast. The clippers or scissors are used to cut the skin tags off the skin, then treat the clipped skin as a wound.
  • Using vitamins: Vitamin E is used to peel off old skin and in this case the vitamin E can be applied to the skin tag by taping the solution to it. In due time, the skin tag will peel off.
  • Use of thin string: The use of thin string is the best way to gradually cut off the skin tag with absolutely no pain. Tie a thin piece of string around the skin tag quite tightly and then leave it until it falls off. If the string loosens, use another piece of string and make it tighter. The skin tag will be painlessly removed after several days.
  • Fingernail polish method of removing skin tags: This procedure takes a couple of days for the skin tag to fall off. Apply plenty of nail polish to the skin tag. For better results, apply the nail polish several times per day – say 3-4 times a day.
  • Using duct tape: This involves a simple procedure of covering the skin tag completely with duct tape. This will cause the skin to fall off thus removing the skin tag. However, sometimes the tape may loosen and a replacement will be needed to complete the process.
  • Urine therapy: As absurd as it may sound, this method has actually received much praise for its effectiveness. Soak a cotton ball with urine then apply it to the skin tag. After applying, use tape to seal the wetness on the skin tag and leave it overnight or even during the day and the skin tag will peel right off.
  • Onion remedy: Rub onion juice to the skin tag daily for approximately one month, and it will gradually vanish.


Skins tags are very difficult to be completely prevented because the risk factors are many. Nevertheless, there are several ways in which you can get rid of them in case you fall victim. These methods are varied and the choice which best suits you will depend on several factors, like the availability of the method, cost, your skin complexion and above all your doctor’s recommendation. Not every method that is available will work in the same way and give the same results to everybody, hence before you start using any product to get rid of skin tags, visit your doctor for advice. Care must also be taken because there are several products on the market with labels that do not give the actual information about the products’ ability to eliminate skin tags. However, you should not be worried because there are several products that have been proved by doctors to be suitable for eliminating skin tags. If you or anybody close to you is suffering from skin tags, then the solutions are available on the site Moles, Skin Tags and Warts Removal. This site has a list of products and remedies to remove skin tags. People who have visited the site have always been able to eliminate their skin tags and recommend the site to their friends.


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