How to Remove Moles

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A small dark and sometimes raised growth on the skin is called a mole. Many a time people work their brains hard in search of remedies for growths on their skin. Many methods are available for removal of moles, ranging from surgical to home methods. It is highly advisable to visit a dermatologist before resorting to any method of mole removal to ensure safe and correct procedure.

Below are expounded methods of ridding your skin of moles.

Methods of ridding your skin of moles

  • Cryosurgery: Cryosurgery is a procedure that utilizes liquid nitrogen to cool the mole thus destroying it while leaving a scar in place of the mole. The method is preferred on other parts of the body besides the face due to the scars left.
  • Using laser: Laser removal of moles has gained popularity these days due to its effectiveness and simplicity. It is a five minute procedure that is done by a professional to completely remove moles from your skin.
  • Surgical excision: Surgical excision is used to remove moles from the skin then repair the tissue around the removed mole thus achieving a cleaner result on the mole spot. Usually the method is done in private clinics.
  • Electrocoagulation: The method uses electric current effect to eliminate moles. The method is safer and can be used to remove moles from any part of the body.
  • Bloodroot paste: Bloodroot paste is made from bloodroot plant that is found in North America. The paste is applied to the spot where the mole has grown, then sealed using a tape. It removes moles faster than any other home-based method; however, the blood paste is not friendly to the skin if used for long periods.
  • Tea tree oil: Apart from its numerous uses, tea tree oil is an effective remedy for moles. By applying tea tree oil on the mole daily for a couple of days, it will gradually disappear. It is a safe method that comes with other benefits e.g. treats acne, anti-fungal, anti-septic and anti-viral, among many other benefits.
  • Cauterization: This is a type of excision that is used by doctors to remove a mole. Using a cautery tool, the doctor burns off the mole, this leaves the skin flat with no need for stitches. The skin will naturally recover afterwards.
  • Shape biopsy: This is a method used by doctors to remove moles. A scalpel is used to cut off the protruded portion of the skin, then the skin’s surface is flattened. This procedure will leave a mark on the skin as the skin heals.

In Summary

The skin is a very delicate part of the body and it is the largest part, meaning that if you are not comfortable with how your skin looks like then your life will be a total mess. Moles are marks that will make your skin look ugly and no one would ever want moles on his/her skin. However, there are several factors that can make your skin develop moles and many people try all means to ensure that they get rid of them. The majority of people spend a lot of money on different medications only to be disappointed by the unsatisfactory results. Some of the products available in the market claiming to be solutions to moles can make your skin even worse, thus it is very important to visit your doctor before applying any product to your skin or else you will wonder why you opted to try to get rid of your moles. However, some products have been medically proven to eliminate moles completely. From the reviews on several online selling websites like eBay and Amazon, some of the products have always given positive results to those who have used them. Some of these outstanding products can be obtained from the website Moles Warts Removal. The site contains vital information on the products that are remedies to moles. Visit the site to know more about these products, including their composition, application procedures, how they work and the expected results.


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