How to Get Rid of Warts

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Warts can be embarrassing and sometimes they lower one’s self-esteem. A wart is a small, benign, rough lump that grows anywhere in the skin and is caused by a virus. Luckily, there are several medically-proven ways to get rid of warts for good. Here are some of the most effective ways of eliminating warts without surgery:

Effective Ways of Eliminating Warts

  • Garlic wart removal method: You will need several cloves of garlic and bandages to be used for several days. The procedure is simple and can be done without any assistance, because all you require is to split the garlic into two then apply it on the wart and hold it in place with a bandage made to last overnight.
  • Use of cauliflower juices: This is undoubtedly the simplest way of getting rid of warts. Prepare some cauliflower juice, which you will then rub on the skin daily until the skin peels off. The wart will disappear as the skin is peeled off.
  • Removal of warts using banana peels: The method makes use of banana peels. Carefully peel the peel off of a banana, and then hold the inside of the peel to the wart. This simple procedure will dry off the wart, if done daily, until it disappears.
  • Applying honey: Honey has been proven over time to contain a range of healing elements as well as nutrients that are good for the skin. Simply applying honey to the wart on a daily basis helps to get rid of the wart as well as improving the skin condition, making the skin look soft.
  • Castor oil plus baking soda solution: This method gradually removes the warts from the skin. It is done by preparing a paste of baking soda and castor oil, then applying the paste to the wart. This procedure will eliminate the warts over time.
  • Cider vinegar: Apart from removing the wart, cider vinegar treatment also eliminates scars that arise from the warts. Use hot water to clean the moles, then, after drying, apply the cider vinegar using a cotton ball.
  • Use of grape fruit: Cut a grapefruit into two and extract the juice. Apply the extracted juice to the wart three to four times daily and the wart will be gone in less than a month.
  • Fig stem’s juice: Extract juice from a fig stem, and then apply it on the wart over and over until you notice the wart disappear.

In Summary

Warts are one of the skin disorders that no one wants to have. They will make your skin look very horrible and will make you agoraphobic. The affected areas of the skin always look very unattractive, and if not eliminated in time, your skin can even change its color completely. Despite the ugliness the warts cause to the skin, there are several remedies to these problems. Most of these solutions are natural and reduce the severe side effects associated with some of the processed products with chemicals that can make the skin worse than anticipated. Getting these products used to be a big burden, but with the online stores available today the products can be easily obtained whatever your location. The website Moles, Warts and Skin Tags Removal has a number of medically proven natural products for eliminating warts. The products are natural, affordable, available and very effective. Read more about these products and how you can get them from the site, and warts will never be a bother to you again.


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