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Despite the fact that many women love their hair, many of them get disappointed by losing their hair through different ways. Hair loss is one of the major problems that women experience and every woman will do anything to get rid of this problem. There are several solutions that have been established to stop hair loss in women and different solutions work out for different women. Therefore, before adopting any solution mechanism, it is recommended that you visit your doctor for prescription on which method to use. The hair loss problem in medical field is referred to as androgenetic alopecia.

It is still challenging to get the exact drug that will stop hair loss because some of the drugs can have direct and negative effects on the scalp. It is advisable to start the treatment immediately as soon as you realize that you are experiencing hair loss. Leaving androgenetic alopecia to develop will affect the hair follicles thus affecting hair growth. Anti-androgen medication is the best way to keep the hair follicles viable and promote hair growth. The androgen levels can be maintained at the required levels easily by including sufficient vitamins and minerals in your diet. 

Treatment of Hair Loss for Women

The best way to treat hair loss in women is by treating the cause of the problem. Basically, there are several causes of hair loss including: aging, deficiencies of food nutrients like proteins, vitamins and minerals, giving birth, hormonal changes, cancer patients, fungal, bacterial, excessive use of dye, tumors, thyroid disease, syphilis, trauma, excess male hormones in women, among others.

The first thing that the doctor will do when you seek hair loss medical attention is take your health history. Several blood tests will be done, physical examination of the hair, microscopic examination and scalp biopsy. This helps in establishing the real situation of the hair and makes it easier to identify the remedy.

Home Remedies are the best ways to treat Hair Loss

According to several medical researchers, home remedies are the best ways to treat hair loss. There are quite a number of home remedies used for this purpose.

The following are the most common ones:

  • Well balanced diet plan with sufficient multi-vitamins and multi-minerals.
  • These can be obtained from natural and organic foods.
  • Supplements: there are several multivitamin and multi-mineral supplements that are very effective in raising vitamin and mineral levels in case of deficiencies.

Products are mostly applied

There are other products that are mostly applied on the scalp and they increase blood circulation and in turn promote hair growth. Some of these products are: arnica, jojoba, emu oil, sage, rosemary, licorice, safflower, etc.

Other products that have been medically proven to be effective in hair loss treatment in women include: progesterone, cimetidine, cyproterone acetate, propecia, ketoconazole, spironolactone, etc. These are androgen receptor inhibitors which have a great influence on the growth of hair. These products should be applied or taken as recommended by the doctor or else the results will not be satisfactory and they can even be the opposite of the expected.  

Other home remedies include washing your hair with shampoo after massaging the scalp with garlic juice, not brushing your hair vigorously, hanging your head upside down after massage or oiling, and not sharing combs since they can transmit infections, among others.

With a proper hair loss assessment, diagnosis and treatment, your hair loss problem can be sorted safely and easily.

In Summary

Women value their hair hugely, and can be ready to pay any price just to have their hair look nice, long and attractive. However, there are several situations that can lead to loss of hair thus the need to know the solution just in case you or your woman becomes a victim is essential. Basically, there are several solutions that have been established to solve the hair loss problems. Based on customer reviews, keranique is the product that has received the best rating in terms of its effectiveness. This product has received a five-star rating and customers have confessed how their lives reversed after using the product to get their hair back. Click on the following image to get more info about keranique and its ingredients, availability, application, and expected results, and feedback could be found here too. Visit the site for more information.

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