Foods You Might Be Wasting Your Money On

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It is very unfortunate that there are many food manufacturers who are giving their business objectives the first priority than the health of their customers. Such business persons do all that they can to get money very fast and make huge profits. For instance, they grow food produce by injecting hormones that make the produce grow very fast, they use herbicides and pesticides which are very poisonous, they use several harmful chemicals during the manufacturing process, they use chemicals in the name of food flavors plus artificial food preservatives for preserving these foods. At the end, these foods contain more chemicals that their natural components.

Therefore, the next time you visit your local food store, take your time to check whether the foods you are purchasing are worth your money or not. I tried out this and found out that these foods are not worth my money; in fact it is like I was buying toxins for my body. So at the end of it all, you will have wasted your money on the foods and you will still spend more on medication because the chemicals contained in the foods will definitely affect your body system.

Literally, almost all processed foods nowadays have been modified enough to be termed as unsafe for human consumption. If you observe how the produce is planted, how it grows, how it is harvested, how it is processed, branded, packed and transported; you will realize that the foods are deteriorated completely when compared to the organic-natural foods. You will be surprised by the number and type of chemicals involved in the whole process.

Examples of foods you might be wasting your money on

It is difficult to mention some of the foods that buying them will be like a waste of money because almost every processed food nowadays is modified wrongly. The following are just but a few examples:

  • Meat: most meats are white meat and contain preservatives that comprise harmful chemicals. Therefore, consider buying red meat or meat from a local butchery than processed meat.
  • Chicken: there are chickens which are reared within three months and they will be processed already. These chickens for sure, are genetically modified and even their general poultry products are not safe
  • Juice: today’s juices’ quality has been greatly interfered with by flavors, preservatives and colorings. This has greatly reduced the natural nutrients present in the natural juice. It is better if you buy a juicer a juice by yourself.
  • Acai Berry Detox: acai berry is a product well known to detoxify the body. Unfortunately, some food manufacturers have turned it into a poisonous product. The product functions efficiently in its natural form but today, it is very difficult to find it natural. The product has been incorporated into several supplements and other chemicals reducing its efficiency. Therefore, the next time you purchase acai berry detox, think of looking for the natural one instead of buying it processed. Another similar product that has gotten the same treatment is the Africa mango.

Therefore, to avoid the severe effects of the processed foods including waste of money on them, prefer homemade, organic and natural foods.


There are some foods which are not worthy your money and therefore spending your money on them is like wasting your resources.  These foods are unhealthy and can be harmful to your general health. With many food manufacturing companies today, different foods bear labels that give faulty information about their composition, manufacturing process, etc. Therefore, reading the food labels might not be enough to know their actual composition and their effects on the health of the user. According to research conducted by medical practitioners and nutritionists, there are some foods that have been listed which you might be wasting your money buying them. The list is contained on ediets program. This is a program that has names of foods categorically arranged according to their importance and effectiveness on an individual health.

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