Be Aware of Food Labels That Lie

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Foods are part and parcel of anybody’s life; there is no one person in this world who can live without food. Even when Jesus fasted for forty days, it was not easy for Him, and I am pretty sure that there is no other human being who can achieve that. Basically, it is food that makes us breathe, grow, live and perform activities. Therefore, this means that food plays a major role in our lives but unfortunately, there are many other people who are giving misleading information about foods.

Currently, there are many food processing companies that are put their business goals first compared to human health. These companies use several chemicals in growing raw materials, processing the foods and even preserving.

Unfortunately, majority of the chemicals used are very poisonous on the humans’ health though these companies brand the food packages with labels that describe how these foods and their ingredients are health-risk free. This is very dangerous and must be taken seriously because their effects are very severe and irreversible.

Various health organizations have tried regulating the food advertisements made on various media channels but their efforts have not been given substantial attention. Therefore, before you buy any food from the food stores, take some time to read through the labels on the foods you purchase and you will realize that a good percentage of food manufacturers do not give true information about their products.

Mainly, the food labels give misleading information on the food ingredients, processing procedures, preservatives, added flavors, elements proportions, etc.

Labels that are likely to be found on foods

Several organizations in the world have conducted several researches and found that the following are some of the labels that are likely to be found on food labels; which are misleading:

  • Natural: natural foods are very healthy and food manufacturers use this label to attract buyers but mostly, these foods are not natural but instead, they are modified or artificial.
  • Cholesterol free: cholesterols have been found to contain several health risks and you will find most labels bearing “cholesterol free” yet they contain some percentage of cholesterol.
  • Organic: organic foods are the ones processed from farm produce which were grown by use of organic manure and no pesticides, herbicides or modified hormones.
  • Low fat or gluten-free: fats increases weight rapidly and many people will always avoid buying foods that contain any percentage of fats. That is why most food manufacturers will label their food packages “low fat” to fool customers that the foods contain very little amounts of fats; but these are always lies.
  • Whole grains: these are other misleading labels that have been found to be used by many food manufacturers. Whole foods are very nutritious and that is why every manufacture wants to brand their food products “whole food”.

It is quite perplexing to ensure that the foods you buy do not have lying labels. However, the best thing to do is to: avoid eating processed foods and prepare your foods at home, et natural foods directly from the farm or you can consider having a small garden at your home for vegetable, fruits, dairy and poultry products.

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